Kasey Templer



Relationship Property and Family Court Litigation Specialist


Kasey Templer is an experienced family lawyer and litigator.  Kasey has specific expertise in family law with a focus on relationship property, Family Court litigation, care of children, wills and trusts.


Kasey is recognised as a specialist in relationship property law.  Her work includes the protection of assets both prior to and during a relationship and the division of assets following separation.  Her work frequently includes complex property cases involving farms, trust property and companies. 


Kasey also has a wealth of experience in cases involving care arrangements and disputes for children, advising on wills and estate planning and the protection of personal and property rights.


Kasey is an experienced advocate with a particular focus on achieving negotiated outcomes.  She has assisted many clients in resolving disputes.  She has conducted numerous mediations and judicial settlement conferences.  Her litigation experience includes frequent appearances in the Family Court and High Court.  Kasey also works as a Court-appointed Lawyer for Child.


Kasey is a native Southlander and returned to Invercargill to join AWS Legal after graduating from the University of Otago in 2001.  


+64 3 211 1370
+64 27 240 4320