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Navigating the complex world of water regulation has never been more critical, with numerous changes on the horizon. Our dedicated team of water law specialists is here to support you through any challenges related to water usage and rights.

As experts in the field of water law, our services include:

Safeguarding your rights to access and utilize water resources:

We help ensure that your legal rights to access and use water resources are protected, including securing water permits and managing water allocation in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Drafting and reviewing company constitutions/rules, water supply service agreements, and easements for water providers:

Our team assists in creating and reviewing company constitutions, rules, and water supply service agreements to ensure compliance. We also draft and review easements that grant water providers legal access to water resources.

Ensuring the proper legal protection for your infrastructure and water assets, such as easements:

We work to guarantee that your water-related infrastructure and assets have appropriate legal protection, including the establishment of easements, which provide rights to access and use land for water infrastructure purposes.


Handling compliance matters, including defense against Resource Management Act violations:

Our team supports clients in maintaining compliance with the RMA and other relevant regulations. We also provide defense services in cases where clients are accused of violating the RMA or other water-related regulations.

Advocacy through policy submissions and plan change recommendations:

We actively engage in policy advocacy on behalf of our clients, submitting comments and recommendations for proposed policy changes and plan modifications that could impact water rights, usage, and management in New Zealand.

Helping you comprehend the impact of water regulations on your operations and livelihood:

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that clients have a thorough understanding of the water regulations that affect their businesses and livelihoods. We provide clear explanations of relevant laws and regulations, as well as guidance on how to navigate them effectively.

By offering these services, we aim to support farmers and water suppliers in managing their water resources responsibly and in compliance with New Zealand law.

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