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New Zealand is a very respectable and stable democracy with rule of law and protection of property rights at its core.  It is globally engaged and connected but distinct in its identity and home to a very harmonious society. New Zealand also boasts a world-class education system.

New Zealand is part of the ANZUS treaty and enjoys a cooperative relationship with the US and Australian defences. 

To live permanently or semi-permanently in New Zealand it is necessary to get residency.  Residency is also necessary to purchase residential property.

The main way that high net-worth people get residency in New Zealand is via the ‘Investor’ category of visa application.  That category requires an investment of $6.06M USD or $1.72m USD (depending on the sub-category) in New Zealand dollars in an acceptable New Zealand investment.  The lower amount means you are obliged to stay in the country longer and has additional criteria. 

Below you will see a short summary of the requirements for Investor 1 and Investor 2 visas.

Key requirements

Investor 1

Investor 2

Max age



Business experience


Min 3 years

Investment funds

$6.06M USD invested for 3 years

$1.72M USD for 4 years

English ability


Yes, must be competent

Family member’s English ability


Yes, must be competent

Min time in NZ

88 days over three years

438 days over 4 years

Health & Character

Must meet requirements

Must meet requirements

Bonus points/priority

Priority only

Yes, if $430K USD invested in ‘growth’

Discount  on investment funds


Yes, if $860K USD invested in ‘growth’ you get a discount of $287K USD

Philanthropic donation

Yes, max 15%

Yes, max 15%

Expression of interest


Must file EOI


AWS Legal has a strong track record helping high net-worth families get residency visas as well as investing in New Zealand and buying residential property.

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