Help Your key migrant employees apply for residency

A successful business has loyal and hard-working employees. In many industries, skilled workers can be difficult to find and hard to hold onto – especially if you cannot plan ahead more than a year or two if they are in NZ on a work visa.

More and more employers are instructing AWS Legal to help their key migrant employees apply for residency. If a skilled employee can obtain residency then the recurring uncertainty, cost and stress of visa applications become a thing of the past for that employee, their family and the employer.

There are many paths to residency but a common path involves using the Skilled Migrant Category. If a worker can work in an occupation listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, then various ‘work to residency’ options become available.

Another work to residency application is the South Island Contribution Work Visa. If a worker has worked in the South Island for the last 5 years and holds this visa for 2 years then they may automatically apply for residency. However the window for the South Island Contribution visa/residency is fast closing – applications need to made before 23 May 2018!

Another common option is for a skilled worker to make an Expression of Interest in residency. If an applicant qualifies for enough points then their Expression of Interest gets entered into a ‘pool’ of applications periodically invited to apply for full residency. An applicant can receive points for many factors such as age, qualifications and working outside of Auckland.

If you assist your migrant workers with their residency applications, then returns can be immense for your business. Please contact the Business Team at AWS Legal for a no-obligations assessment of visa and residency options.