Bodyscapes - Update

AWS Legal is very proud to sponsor local artist Cory Varcoe’s exhibition “Bodyscapes”.   Lousie Evans from Lemon Creative interviewed Cory.  Read her article and see photos from the Opening.

“On a cold Friday night in his garage, self-taught photographer Cory Varcoe is lying in a child’s paddling pool experimenting with light, smoke machines and a garden hose. Through the window a neighbour spies him in nothing but a bathrobe; fine art is difficult to explain through a nod and a wave.


Sponsorsed by AWS, Bodyscapes is Cory’s latest exhibition at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery, exploring the beauty of the body’s natural shape and texture through the lens of landscape photography. It’s an ambitious and experimental project that saw Cory construct a 1500L pool in his living room to capture reflections of bodies in water.


Each work is a composition of carefully selected nudes, digitally layered and arranged to create familiar lands. Subtle curves imitate backcountry night scenes; ribcages cast shadows like mountain ridges. The ambiguity lures viewers ever closer. Are those shoulders or boulders?


“When I’m shooting, I’m not seeing their bodies. I’m seeing the shapes, the light,” Cory says of capturing the nudes.


Most notable of the works is Cory’s First light of dawn. Easily mistaken for a moody Central Otago morning, light breaks through clouds to accentuate erect hairs on chilled skin.


The exhibition is intimate beyond just the subject matter, the small gallery lending itself to quiet dialogue. For a corporate mixer, it strikes the perfect balance between sensuality and shock. The exhibition runs until April 23rd.”

- Louise Evans